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Golf Leagues

Tuesday & Thursday Men's Leagues

2020 - Weekly schedule

March 31, April 2                            Pre-season Fun Night                     4:00-5:30

April 7, 9                                        Opening night regular season          5:30 shotgun

April 14, 16                                    Week #2                                           5:30 shotgun

April 21, 23                                    Week #3                                           5:30 shotgun

April 28, 30                                    Week #4                                           5:30 shotgun

May 5, 7                                         Week #5                                          6:00 shotgun

May 12, 14                                     Week #6                                          6:00 shotgun

May 19, 21                                     Week #7                                          6:00 shotgun

May 26, 28                                     Week #8                                          6:00 shotgun

June 2, 4                                        Week #9 - (position round)             6:00 shotgun

June 9, 11                                      Mid season Fun Night                     6:00 shotgun

June 16, 18                                    Week #1 - Grudge matches            6:00 shotgun     

June 23, 25                                    Week #2 - Grudge matches            6:00 shotgun     

June 30, July 2                              Week #3                                           6:00 shotgun

July 7, 9                                         Week #4                                           6:00 shotgun

July 14, 16                                     Week #5                                           6:00 shotgun

July 21, 23                                     Week #6                                           6:00 shotgun

July 28, 30                                     Week #7                                           6:00 shotgun

August 4, 6                                    Week #8                                           6:00 shotgun

August 11, 13                                Week #9- (position round)                6:00 shotgun

August 18, 20                                Playoffs                                             5:30 shotgun

August 25, 27                                Playoffs                                             5:30 shotgun

September 1, 3                             Playoffs                                             5:30 shotgun

September 8, 10                          League Championship                      5:00 shotgun

League Rules/Regulations

  1. Fees are $26.50 for 9 holes and half cart rental each week ($17.50 to walk). The first week we will be charging an extra $30.00 that will go into a prize fund for the league. Pre-payment of ½ the season is suggested.
  2. We will have a shotgun start promptly at 5:30 each week to start the season, and will be moving to 6:00pm on May 5th and 7th. We may have days that an outside event is scheduled in the afternoon. If possible we will move the starting time back on those weeks. If a player arrives late, he can make up the hole that the group is currently playing, but any other holes missed will not be made up.
  3. Make sure to find subs for each week if you are not going to be here.
  4. It is your responsibility to find a sub, not the Pro Shop. The Golf Shop will have a list of substitutes. We will try to have a list of subs available to you the first week of league. If you can’t find someone call the Pro Shop as soon as possible.
  5. Make ups will be allowed this season. Make ups have to be done within two weeks (ahead or after) of the missed date. The team that is making up will be given 50% of their handicap, and must play the same nine as the team they were supposed to playon league night. Make ups will be allowed anytime Monday-Friday, and after 3:00pm on Saturday-Sunday. Please call the Pro Shop to let us knowwhen you are planning your make up.     
  6. The season will be 2-9 week halves. The division winners from both halves will make the playoffs at the end of the season. (Tuesday League will have 8 wild cards as well).
  7. Team matches will be low net score of your team versus low net score of your opponents.       Match play format (Ryder Cup).       Match winner will receive 4 points.       You will also have 2 singles matches with handicap for 2 points each. Also match play format. 8 points total each night. There will also be pin prizes available each night of league. Scorecards, starting holes and pin prize locations will be on the league board outside the Golf Shop each week. Flag prizes are a sleeve of Titleist Tour Soft balls. You may pick them up at the Pro Shop counter.
  8. Proper attire must be worn at Woodland Hills.  All shirts must havesleeves, and no cut offs please.
  9. Out of bounds, lakes and prairie grass areas will be treated the same way. Go to the point that the ball crossed into area, take 2 clubs lengths (no nearer the hole), and drop your ball with a one stroke penalty. If you think that your ball may be lost, hit a provisional ball in case you can’t find your first one. This way you do not have to go back to the place you hit the original shot from (one shot penalty).
  10.  Bring signed scorecards into the Pro Shop when finished Check the card - once the Pro Shop is  closed, the scores are official.
  11. Your handicap will be kept, and adjusted by the Golf Shop. For those players who do not have one, we will use your first weeks score to start one. 2 scores are required for an official handicap.
  12.  All play will be from the white tees, except for senior players 60 and over may play from the gold gold tees. Whatever set of tees you choose you must play those every week.         
  13. Play the ball down at all times. If you think you are in an area that you would get relief from, play 2 balls and we will make a ruling after your round.
  14. PGA Professional Tom Erlandson (or his staff), will handle all rules, handicap or scoring concerns.
  15. Tie breakers for 1st and 2nd half standings will be head to head meeting, most matches won then a coin flip if necessary.              
Thank for playing – have a great season!!
Standings will be listed on our website woodlandhillsgolf.com and on the bulletin board.


2020 Men's Leagues at Woodland Hills Golf Course (Tuesday and Thursday Nights)

Here is your chance to play Nebraska's only 5 star course every week this summer. Join one (or both) of our Men's Leagues!! Leagues will consist of 2-man teams and will be on Tuesday or Thursday evenings (9-holes).

The Leagues

  • 2 man team format (with handicap)
  • Shotgun start
  • Play on both front and back nines
  • Weekly flag prizes
  • 2 clinics by Tom Erlandson - PGA Professional
  • 5:30 shotgun start through the first week May and then 6:00 for the rest of the regular season


  • 9 holes walking - $17.50
  • 9 holes with cart - $26.50
  • One time prize fee per player $30.00

Included with your fees

  • League handicap
  • Scoring
  • Scheduling
  • Weekly flag and year end team prizes

Contact the Golf Shop at 475-4653 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register or if you have questions.

Opening nights:
Tuesday - April 7th  |  Thursday - April 9th
Pre-season (optional) on 3/31, 4/2
visit us at: woodlandhillsgolf.com


Senior Men's League 2020 (Wednesday Morning)

  • Wednesday morning tee times start at 9:00.
  • Starts April 22nd and runs through August 12th. (Preseason day April 15th - 9:00)
  • 9 or 18 hole play.
  • Individual play using a modified Stableford scoring system with handicap.
  • Flag prizes each week.
  • Individual prizes for the year.
  • 55+ plays from white tees, 60+ from the gold tees.


  • $40 league fee includes 2020 VIP Card and prizes. For those who already have VIP Card $20 for prizes.
  • 18 holes with cart - $30.50
  • 9 holes with cart - $16.50

Included in league

  • Scoring
  • Scheduling
  • League handicap
  • Posting of scores in clubhouse and online
  • 2020 Woodland Hills VIP Card
  • Prizes

Prizes are in Pro Shop merchandise credit.
First half of league is April 22nd - June 10th
Second half June 17th - August 12th

Contact the golf shop at 475-4653 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions or to get registered.


2020 Women's League (Monday evening)

Woodland Hills Women's League is a great way to spend Monday evenings this summer. Our goal for league is to not only have some fun competition throughout the summer, but also to create a relaxing social atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable with. Included with league membership:

  • Scoring and scheduling
  • 2 clinics by PGA Professional Tom Erlandson
  • League handicap
  • Prizes and a year end match play event
  • 5:30 shotgun the first 2 weeks and then 6:00 for the remainder of the season


9 holes with cart each week will be $26.50. Walking is $17.50, and for those members who need to rent a cart it is $9.00 We will also require each league member to pay a $25.00 prize fee. The league regular season will run April 27th through July 27th. Year end Match Play Tournament July 6th - August 24th.

Please contact PGA Professional Tom Erlandson at 475-4653, or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to get registered.


93.7 The Ticket League (Monday Night)  

You’re invited to join radio personalities Tom Stephens and Jake Sorensen of 93.7 The Ticket for the fourth annual The Ticket Golf League!    You’ve heard their stories from the golf course, this is your chance to experience the majesty in person.  Each team will play against all these famous on air studs during the season.  So if they bashed your team.....payback is great!

  • 2-person Best Ball with handicap
  • Woodland Hills Golf Course - Eagle, NE
  • $26.50/week - 9 holes with cart
  • Monday evenings @ 5:30 ( we will move the start back to 6:00 in May)
  • April 20 –  August 19 (except Memorial Day)

To register your team, call  Tom at Woodland Hills at (402) 475-4653 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll see you on the golf course!



Salt Valley League (Wednesday Night)

2 - Man Teams - Best ball with handicap versus another team for points each week.
The season will begin with an optional Fun Night on April 15th.  The first regular season date will be April 22nd.
Fees are $26.50 for 9 holes and half cart rental each week ($17.50 to walk). We will have a shotgun start promptly at 5:30 each week to start the season, and will be moving to 6:00pm the second week of May. 
The season will be 2-8 week halves. The winners of the two halveswill play for the championship. The two teams that finish second ineach half will play for 3rd and 4th. The remaining teams will play off for spots based on their total points accrued for the season.
There will be 2 points per hole, and 2 points for the best net team score (20 points per match). Each player will play their own ball, and the best net score on each hole between the two will go against the other team’s best score. If there is a tie, both teams get 1 point.
All play will be from the white tees.


6000 Woodland Hills Dr, Eagle, NE 68347