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Tournament Results

One Person Scramble


It was a fantastic Sunday at Woodland Hills Golf Course. And it was made fantastic by all of the players who participated in our annual One Person Scramble. That just happened to be our first club event of the season.  Some tremendous scores were posted, and I hope everyone had a fun day.

Winnings are in Pro Shop merchandise certificates.  The certificates are good through 8/9/21.  They can be picked up at the Golf Shop anytime we are open.  We appreciate your understanding in presenting the prizes this way.  Using a scorecard playoff you are lined up first to last.  Some scores did wrap over the end of a flight and the beginning of the next flight.

8 Flights - payout the same in each flight

1st - $80

2nd - $50

3rd - $30

4th - $20

Flag Prizes - $25 each

First Flight

1st John Oswalt                        59       Won on the 4th hole of the scorecard playoff (birdie on #2)

2nd Zach Osborn                      59

3rd Mark Vincent                       60

4th Pete Noble                          60

Second Flight

1st Trevor Meader                    64

2nd Doug Vanecek                   65

3rd Alex Wood                          65

4th Jeff Semin                           65

Third Flight

1st James Jacobs                     66

2nd Brett Bishop                       66

3rd Jeff Peters                          66

4th Dan Woebler                      66

Fourth Flight

1st Brad Stock                         69

2nd Perry Sweat                     69

3rd David Ory                          69

4th Zach McIntyre                   69

Fifth Flight

1st Erik Hite                            71

2nd Jake Bridges                   71

3rd Scott Cave                       71

4th Scott Jacobs                    71

Sixth Flight

1st Robert Hailey                  74

2nd Adam Toline                   74

3rd Blake Plath                     74

4th Zach Arends                   74

Seventh Flight

1st Fred Matulka                   76

2nd Adam Johnson               76

3rd Mark Pfeifer                    76

4th Steve Tonkin                   76

Eighth Flight

1st Bryce Groteluschen         79

2nd Jake Smutny                   79

3rd Mark Svoboda                 80

4th Mark Brown                     80

Flag Prizes

#1   Closest to the Pin in 2                     Jason Rohde

#2   Long Drive                                       TJ Rickert

#5   Long Putt                                         Jake Ahl

#6   Closest to the Pin                            Chad Anderson

#8   Closest to From Off Green              Jeff Pappas

#9   Closest to the Pin in 2                     Mike Barada

#10 Closest to the Pin in 2                     Jeff Pappas

#12 Closest to the Pin                            Scott Kardell

#13 Closest to the Pin in 2                     Ken Ahl

#14 Closest to From Off Green              John Overkamp

#15 Long Drive                                       Doug Vanecek

#18 Long Putt                                         Jonas Christensen         



6000 Woodland Hills Dr, Eagle, NE 68347